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Why are lasers becoming the new solution for pain?

Laser treatmentWe have all seen science fiction movies where lasers cut people in half, or through doors, but can the lasers of today be used in a medical office to help people heal? The answer is a resounding yes. But how?

Lasers of varying wavelengths can stimulate the mitochodria of a cell. That is the part of a cell responsible for energy production and metabolism. By having the right laser light stimulate a cells’ mitochondria, it can speed up its ability to repair and heal itself. Lasers have little to no effect on normal cells and tissues, but cells that are in need of energy, repair, and regeneration, absorb the photons of light. Even adult stem cells can be stimulated to transform into the needed cells for repair of muscle, tendon, ligament, bone, cartilage, and even nerve tissue.

Many patients are finding relief with lasers after trying everything else with little to no success. Many people suffering with tennis and golfers elbow, plantar fascitis, shoulder tendinitis, rotator cuff issues, as well as hip, knee and ankle injuries, even disc herniations and whiplash injuries, are finding significant relief in a short period of time with these lasers.

There are several classes of lasers from class 1 through 4. The higher the level, the higher the intensity. In our office we offer a Class 4 laser to help people get great results from their various issues. If you know someone suffering with musculoskeletal pains or issues that might benefit from laser therapy, have them call and schedule a consultation today!