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What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Parkside Health & Wellness Center testimonials from our patients in the Parkland, Coral Springs, West Boca, Boca Raton, Coconut Creek and Margate areas and email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Health and happiness,
Dr. Joseph Bogart and Dr. Nina Hersch

My wife has suffered from Fibromyalgia for more than 10 years. After the diagnosis our physicians in the US treated her with opiates using pain management as the primary means of ameliorating her painful condition. I discovered that a doctor in Israel running at program in Israel at Assaf Harofeh Hospital that used a combination of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (at 2 times atmospheric pressure) along with acupuncture and neuro-cognitive therapy had a 70% success rate in substantially reducing/curing the pain from Fibromyalgia. The center is called the Sagol Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Research which, by the way is part of the Tel Aviv University Medical Center Hospital. IT IS THE LARGEST OF ITS KIND IN THE WORLD.
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My wife spent 4 months in Israel and is NO LONGER TAKING ANY OPIATES for pain. One of the only post-treatment procedures she has found helpful is the acupuncture she was receiving while she was in Israel. From my experience NOT ALL ACUPUNCTURE is the same and NOT ALL ACUPUNCTURISTS ARE THE SAME. Prior to leaving the Sagol Center in Israel we researched where to go when we returned home to get the same type of acupuncture my wife received in Israel. The acupuncture therapy is called “Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture” (YNSA), a Japanese form of acupuncture developed in the 1970s. From my visual observation of my wife’s 10 year nightmare with opiates (oxycontin, oxycodone, ketamine, fentanyl, botox injections, dilaudid, ablasions and steroid injections to manage pain) YNSA really helped.

When we returned to Boca Raton we were referred by family friend to another acupuncturist who has more than 20 years’ experience and who advertised that she treated Fibromyalgia. We went to visit this acupuncturist and 1 1/2 after returning home from our first visit, my wife’s pain returned with a vengeance. She couldn’t get out of bed and was writhing in pain. We wouldn’t take opiates again so we started researching other acupuncturists who are qualified or trained in YNSA since that methodology worked so well when we were in Israel. What I learned from my attempts at research is that THERE IS NO REGISTRY OR TRADE ORGANZIATION in the US that has a listing for acupuncturists who specialize in YNSA so after doing research and speaking with the acupuncturists in Israel we found THE ONLY YNSA SPECIALIST IN OUR AREA IS DR. YONAT HAR-NOV.

My wife went to visit Dr. Har-Nov last week for the first time and the relief was immediate. Dr. Har-Nov is an excellent acupuncturist. She reached out to the acupuncturists treating my wife in Israel and my wife’s pain was almost immediately relieved (not eliminated) after leaving her office. While it may take a few weeks to get her condition back under control, my wife is only taking Advil and/or Tylenol for pain and the quality of daily life is back on the upswing. The bottom line is that Dr. Har-Nov is one of the few people in South Florida (the only one I found) who is qualified and experienced in YNSA which is the same type of acupuncture used by the Tel-Aviv University Hospital-affiliated Sagol Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Research in supplementing its hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatments for its Fibromyalgia patients. While YNSA may not work for everyone, from my personal experience and visual observation of my wife, it’s like watching a miracle occur right before your eyes.

-David Katz

It seems that everyone in the practice is so very caring. I’m very optimistic about my treatments. In addition it’s nice that you have so many other treatment options/additions. -Ellen W.

Excellent service and care! -Paula P.

This was a very positive and amazing experience! It was fascinating and I look forward to working with this practice. Everyone was so nice and warm. First class office! I have already referred people to it. I drove over an hour and it was well worth it! Thanks again to everyone! -Bunny B.

Kat Cowan“I have been a patient here at Parkside Health & Wellness Center for about 3 years now. I came here during my first pregnancy at 5 months pregnant with awful back pain and hip pain. Not only did Dr. Bogart relieve my back pain, my delivery took only 15 minutes!!!! I am a firm believer that by correcting any misalignments I had, made the delivery process much more comfortable for myself and my baby!! Honestly, the best experience of my life and I am very much looking forward to the birth of my second child. Thanks Dr. Bogart & Parkside Health & Wellness, you guys are the best!” – Kat Cowan

Braden Chambers“Towards the end of a seemingly perfect pregnancy, I began having sharp pains in my hip and right side. I could barely walk without using support. My OB referred me to Parkside Health and Wellness Center and Dr. Bogart quickly eased my pain. His regular adjustments and therapy treatments ultimately allowed me to have an easier labor and delivery! When my newborn son began having bowl issues causing failure to thrive concerns, I immediately consulted Dr. Bogart. After several adjustments and other natural remedies which he suggested, our son started gaining weight and was much healthier than before. Whenever I have concerns with his health, I bring Braden in to Parkside Health and Wellness Center before I even call pediatrician. Dr. Bogart has assisted us with his constipation, chronic ear infections and even balance and coordination issues when he first started to walk. Dr. Bogart and Dr. Hersch have become more than just “the chiropractors and their staff” and more like family.” – Trisha & Braden Chambers

Liam“I love coming to see Dr. Joe. I’ve been coming to Parkside Health & Wellness Center since I was 3 months old. Before that I was coming here in my mommy’s belly, and Dr. Joe helped her to get pregnant with me. Dr. Joe really makes me feel great for a little guy who is always falling, climbing, rolling and running. After he adjusts me, I’m a new boy. If I have trouble sleeping or pooping, or if I have a cold he makes it all better! Thanks Dr. Joe,” – Love, Liam Caracofe (written by his mom Peggy)


Martinez Family“When Ariana was suffering with chronic ear infections, Dr. Bogart’s consistent care was able to prevent surgery that her pediatric specialists all agreed was the answer. It was a natural decision to get the whole family under chiropractic care. Dr. Bogart and staff are always welcoming and friendly.” – Martinez family

Denise Hale“An adjustment at Parkside Health & wellness Center works, it’s the highlight of my day! We love Drs. Bogart & Hersch. They are completely competent & knowledgeable, as well as wonderful positive people. My kids love it here too!” – Denise Hale (mom of Emily and Katie)


Barbara Gobbi“I started going to Dr. Bogart and Parkside Health and Wellness Center when I was pregnant with my 3rd child. I was suffering from past injuries from a car accident that were exaggerated due to my pregnancy. In addition, I could hardly walk because of sciatica and sacrum issues. By the end of the pregnancy, I was pain-free and my delivery was so easy! I delivered without anesthesia for the first time and only had to push once! Now that I am pregnant with my 4th child, there was no doubt in my mind that chiropractic care from Dr. Bogart would be a part of my pregnant care. I feel better than I ever have, even at 40 and chasing an 18 month old around. Thanks Dr. Bogart!” – Barbara Gobbi

DeSouza“The three of us are being treated by Dr. Bogart. Our overall health has greatly improved since having adjustments made. The girls are getting started early, so their future well being will be a healthy one. Dr. Bogart and his staff are wonderful. They show concern for each patient, as though you are family. What a positive environment!” – Sheree, Lilliana & Isabella DeSouza

Roberta L. Grafman R.N.Recently, my primary physician wisely referred me to Dr. Joseph Bogart for evaluation and treatment for severe headaches lasting over a period of several months.

From the initial introduction to the staff, a tour of the facility, and a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Bogart, I was welcomed with dignity and respect. This is clearly an opportunity for the patient and the physician and staff to work together for the best possible outcome. The tools are there. The skill and competence is of the highest level. I certainly have experienced marked improvement and will continue to work toward the best possible outcome for myself. I encourage all health care practitioners to come to Parkside Health & Wellness Center to learn, as I did, that chiropractic treatment can be a very positive experience.” Most Sincerely, Roberta L. Grafman R.N.

Mr. ShamesMr. Shames is a 74 year old man, who suffered with Spinal Stenosis, herniated lumbar discs for over 2 years, along with long term poor posture. Within 2-3 months of corrective chiropractic care, he began to notice results.

In the past he tried, medication, physical therapy, epidural shots, acupuncture, DRS 300 machine with no improvement. He also tried Facet Rhizotomy which helped slightly.

Since getting under chiropractic care, his back pain is gone, his flexibility has improved, and his posture is improved. As a result he can play golf again with out pain during or after, and he sleeps soundly again. He would recommend chiropractic care to everyone, and is doing great. Mr. Shames

Annette StephensonAs an audiologist, I am constantly on my feet, and in awkward positions while treating my patients. As a result I experience a lot of lower back, neck and shoulder pain and tightness. Being in a recent car accident has only added to my discomfort. Having no relief from medication, I decided to try chiropractic and found Dr. Bogart and PH &WC. Since beginning treatment, I have so much relief and less stress. Dr. Bogart’s attention to detail and ability to put you at ease are what make the experience enjoyable. Chiropractic is a great approach to holistic healing and no one does it better than Dr. Joseph Bogart and his fabulous team at PH & WC. – Annette Stephenson Au.D.

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