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Laser Disc Decompression in Parkland

Woman in gray shirt holding lower backIf you have a herniated, bulging, desiccated or degenerative disc, spinal decompression is one of the best ways to help those discs rehydrate and heal. At Parkside Health & Wellness Center, we’re pleased to offer Non Surgical Laser Disc Decompression to address these and other spine and disc related issues.

How Does It Work?

With non-surgical spinal decompression, the negative pressure created during the treatment helps to pull the herniated or bulging disc material back into the disc, as well as water and nutrients into the disc from the end plates of the bones above and below. Because discs do not have their own blood supply, this is the main way that discs get their water and nutrients. Discs are up to 85% water! When the negative pressure is released the disc is also able to pump out metabolic waste. We combine that modality with Class IV laser therapy to give the tissue more complete ability to heal, while also stimulating the disc to heal.

Who Can Benefit?

An ideal patient is someone with lower back or neck pain, with or without radiating pain into their arms or legs, or numbness and tingling. Some patients do not have much in the way of symptoms, but want to address their disc issues before they become a major problem.

Can this be done on areas beyond the spine?

Yes, our table allows us to decompress the hip, knee, ankle, and wrist joints. This combined with the class 4 laser, has an even better effect on the joint tissue than laser or decompression alone.

What to Expect

The first thing we will do is consult with you to learn about the problem. We’ll ask questions like

  • How long have you had it?
  • Is it worse in the am or pm?
  • What is the best position to alleviate the pain?
  • What position or activity aggravates the pain?
  • What type of treatments have you already received?
  • Which treatments haven’t worked?

If we determine you’re a candidate for the treatment, we will put you on a care plan, typically six to eight weeks, depending on your individual situation. Once we get started, patients often start to feel improvement by their 3rd or 4th session. Here are some videos to demonstrate how it works.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does each session usually take?

Each session is usually 10 to 20 minutes, with the average time taking about 15 minutes. If you also need chiropractic, that could be an additional few minutes.

Is it safe and effective?

Yes. There are numerous research studies done over the last few decades showing the impressive effects of spinal decompression as well as the virtually non existent side effects. The power of the class 4 laser we use in this treatment is one of the highest available. This laser stimulates the healing and repair of cells and tissue. Please do not confuse our class 4 laser with the types of lasers used to cut or destroy tissue, such as those used in surgery or cosmetic surgery. This means the risk of any side effects or complications is minimal. Many patients get excellent results with this therapy.

How much does it cost?

We will provide you with a care plan detailing the number of sessions and cost of your care. We have several options available to make it affordable, and we will go over all of them with you. This treatment combination can make it possible to avoid surgery.

Do I need an MRI done first?

No, we can identify if you’re a candidate for this therapy, with or without an MRI. However it can be helpful to have one prior to our consultation. 

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