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What are the Benefits of Asyra Testing?

Have you ever felt something wasn’t right with your health, but the doctors you went to brushed it off as nothing, or couldn’t find anything wrong? Or maybe you were experiencing symptoms that just couldn’t be explained.

Conventional tests can’t always detect the imbalances that your body is trying to make you aware of through symptoms. Asyra, a homeopathic energy test fills in this gap by detecting abnormalities other tests cannot. Learn about the benefits of Asyra testing:

How does Asyra work?

Asyra is painless, drug-free, and takes a few minutes. This bioenergetic test detects abnormalities, imbalances and toxic conditions in your body and lists them in order of importance by measuring the body’s frequencies. (Every molecule has a specific frequency)

During the test, you’ll hold onto two metal rods that will send thousands of specific frequencies through your body. If these frequencies match any of the frequencies already present in your body, this indicates to your chiropractor that a particular imbalance / dysfunction is present.

It’s fast. Forget being poked and prodded for months, or even years, in an attempt to find an underlying problem or condition. The Asyra test evaluates thousands of areas in minutes. These areas can include allergies, food sesativities, pathogens, toxins, emotional factors, structural issues, metabolic issues, and more. It then gives your chiropractor a print out of your problems, and the specific substances which emit frequencies that will resolve them.

It detects health issues other tests can’t. When conventional tests fail to detect the problem, Asyra often helps patients discover what’s really going on with them health-wise. Even in cases when symptoms are present, yet no specific tissue or organ damage can be identified by conventional lab work or other pathological diagnostics, the Asyra system is often able to evaluate and find solutions for these issues.

Get to the root of the problem. Asyra does not diagnose disease states. What help is it to know what you have, if you can’t pinpoint what is causing the condition? Instead, it finds physiologic abnormalities and/or toxic conditions (disharmony) that can underlie or lead to disease states, and it lists these conditions in order of importance.This allows patients and caregivers to concentrate on the root cause(s) of a health problem, and not just on the symptoms.

Its treatments are drug-free. Every patient has specific needs and areas that need healing, so each patient is given a specific, drug-free treatment as determined by the test. This approach is far from the one-size-fits-all prescription medicine mindset. Asyra looks at energetic or frequency abnormalities (deviations from your specific ideal, not statistical averages) to determine which frequency treatment will be needed to correct the problem.

The test prescribes frequency treatments because they’re the most direct form of treatment, and they’re drug-free. The molecules produced in your body, the ones that govern your physiology, work by emitting an electromagnetic signal, vibrating at a specific frequency. This frequency can be sensed and responded to by other cells in your body. Similarly, drugs work by getting close enough to the cell so that their frequencies can be sensed and responded to.

So instead of giving you pills, the treatments Asyra “prescribes” are not the molecules (drugs) themselves, but the specific frequencies of the molecules that will balance your current, non-optimal frequency characteristics back to normal. It may sound a bit confusing or out there, but it is very powerful and works on the principal of homeopathy.

Learn more about how Asyra works and how this homeopathic treatment could help you by getting your free personal consultation at Parkside Health and Wellness Center.