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What are the Benefits of a Spinal Adjustment- Crackless & Regular?

In order to understand the benefits of a spinal adjustment, you have to know what exactly a spinal or chiropractic adjustment does, what it’s for and how it works. An adjustment is an approach that we use to unstick spinal joints that are misaligned or that aren’t moving the right way. These problems in your spine can choke or irritate nearby nerves. Adjustments add motion to the stuck joints (called subluxations), which then reduce the disruption to your nervous system. Why are subluxations so important to treat? Well, these dislocations are positioned in a way that affects the nerve communications between your brain and your body. The distorted communications are often an underlying cause of back pain and headaches, as well as more serious issues like stomach problems. It’s incredibly important to fix these miscommunications because your nervous system controls every tissue, organ, system and cell in your body. Maintaining a healthy spine is essential for maintaining optimal health. Only a chiropractic examination can detect subluxations in your body, and only this adjustment can correct theChiropractor_2 disruptions and reduce the effects on your nervous system.



There are many techniques used in chiropractic and spinal adjustments. At Parkside, we know many people fear the intense, cracking and popping adjustment stigmas associated with chiropractics. That’s why we offer a “crackless” technique known as KST (Koren Specific Technique). This Arthrostim adjusting device gently taps the bones into place, delivering carefully directed energy in the exact angles needed to make long-lasting correction in your spine. The Activator Method is also a very gentle method used for spinal adjustments. It delivers a consistent low-force, high-speed thrust, which is comfortable and more effective than traditional hand adjustments. For patients who prefer the old fashioned “popping” techniques, that can also be performed in an appropriate way to fix the subluxations in your body.


Now that you have a good understanding of subluxations and the adjustment process, you can easily get to know the benefits of a spinal adjustment. The benefits experienced from these adjustments can range from temporary pain relief to long-term wellness and even preventative care. Increased range of motion, increased pain tolerance and muscle strength, muscle and nerve pain relief, increased spine flexibility and local circulation are all just some basic benefits. Adjustments can help your body right itself and allow the body to stay corrected longer. Many of our patients experience a sense of well-being and ease because of the pleasant techniques we use.

So, who can benefit from a chiropractic adjustment? You’d be surprised to know that just about anyone can have subluxations: newborns, infants, children, seniors, etc. Depending on your size, age and particular health issue, we can determine which course of action is right for treating your body and retraining your spine. If you want to know if a spinal adjustment could benefit you, schedule an appointment with us today!