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What are Crackless Chiropractic Techniques?

Many people often associate chiropractic care with old fashioned popping and cracking problem areas back into place. While that approach may be suitable for some patients, chiropractic has evolved to accommodate numerous and much more gentle approaches, including crackless techniques like KST. In order to unstick spinal joints that are choking nearby nerves (called subluxations) crackless chiropractic adjustments are used to reduce the disruption to your nervous system and add motion to the misaligned joints. These subluxations can cause many different types of ailments to your body, including back and neck pain, headaches or even stomach problems. We offer the following crackless chiropractic techniques to help our patients achieve optimal spinal health in a safe, considerate manner with minimal intrusion, no pain and maximum benefits.

Dr. Joe using Korean Specific Technique

This hand held device delivers consistent, carefully controlled impulses at the optimum angle for maximum correction.

Koren Specific Technique (KST)

The Koren Specific Technique is a relatively new system of analysis widely used in chiropractic care. In short, a trained practitioner is able to access information about a patient’s physiology by checking the structural system of their body. We listen to your body to see what isn’t working properly. Then we can correct the problem and realign your body using an FDA approved instrument called the ArthroStim. This device delivers fast and accurate low force adjustment which introduces the precise energy needed to correct the subluxations in the spine. It delivers a light, controlled tapping sensation that provides the same correction and effectiveness as the old school cracking techniques.

Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT)

This chiropractic technique is designed to help normalize the relationship between the pelvis and the head. In order to maintain the integrity of the spine and function of the nervous system, it all begins in the pelvis. This area is subject to constant pull of gravity, therefore when stability is lost, it affects your whole body. Wedge-shaped blocks are accurately positioned and the weight of your body is used to make the necessary corrections. We use gravity and your own body to correct your spine and help tune your nervous system. This can result in healthier patterns of spinal function.

Cox Flexion-Distraction

This is another one of our gentle, non-force treatment approaches. The special table used in Cox Flexion-Distraction provides movements that help traction the spine, opening up compressed spinal discs and reducing pressure on joints. This highly effective and directed approach gently draws each joint apart, similar to an accordion, allowing the spine to reset and enhance soft tissue nutrition and rehabilitation. Often used to resolve lower back and leg pain, it also may negate the need for surgery. By having our patients lie on this special table, we’re able to neutralize gravity and mildly separate spinal joints, moving them through a normal range of motion.

Applied Kinesiology

Borrowing from many different disciplines, Applied Kinesiology diagnoses structural, chemical and mental problems that may be present in your body. Similar to KST, it uses muscle testing and the observation that every muscle in the body is linked to a specific organ, gland or acupuncture meridian. By testing muscle strength, we can get an accurate measure of the condition of any particular organ or tissue. This way, we can be directed to the best options in restoring your optimal health. We can detect underlying health issues by first reviewing your health history and then analyzing things like the way you walk, your posture, and how you turn and bend your body. With a thorough understanding of your body’s mechanics, we can select from a variety of healing methods, such as adjustments, acupuncture, nutrition supplementation or muscle rehabilitation.

These are just some of the various crackless chiropractic techniques that we use at Parkside Health and Wellness. Our methods are highly effective and successful at locating, diagnosing and correcting any problems present in your body. We know that many people fear the intense popping techniques, and that’s why we provide these low-force, pleasant methods for our patients. The benefits that our patients experience from these techniques range from temporary pain relief to long-term wellness and preventative care. Increased range of motion, pain tolerance and muscle strength, muscle and nerve pain relief, and increased flexibility and circulation are all just some amazing benefits that crackless chiropractic care can administer. If you’re interested in gaining optimal health from one of our gentle techniques, come into our office for a free personal consultation. Let us help you determine what’s causing your discomfort or pain, and the right course of action to get you back to feeling better than normal.