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Stress relief tips you can use to reduce headaches and lower back pain

Lower back pain and herniated discs have a mind body connection which can be linked to stress and anxiety. In this video I have shared a few great ways to reduce stress I have seen and used over the years. They work for me and many of our Parkland patients who suffer with stress related aches and pains. These methods combined with the gentle chiropractic care and massage therapy we offer, result in great improvement physically and mentally.

As if that was not enough we have recently added Braincore Therapy, one of the most advanced methods of neuro biofeedback for insomnia, depression, anxiety, ADD / ADHD,  chronic pain, even fibromyalgia.

We have also added computer bio resonance testing with the Asyra technology able to identify disharmony throughout all aspects of the body.

Call today to schedule you appointment for gentle chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, biofeedback, bioresonance testing to see if we can help you. (954) 340-7545

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