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Seat Belt Injuries: When to Seek Treatment

The seat belt is praised for reducing impact and saving lives in car accidents. It’s designed to respond when a collision occurs to prevent the body from moving, working along with the airbags to minimize injury. However, in performing its function, you can sustain serious seat belt injuries that could require immediate attention.

woman buckling seat beltThe kind of injuries you can suffer due to seat belts range from minor scratches, shoulder and neck pain, to sternal or rib fractures. Some people may not experience any pain after a car accident, but that does not mean that they are not injured. Symptoms of an injury may not appear until several weeks or months after the crash. Waiting for symptoms to appear, rather than visiting a chiropractor to assess your injuries within 14 days of the accident, can disqualify you for medical assistance and treatment under FL No Fault.

By visiting a specialist they are likely to detect collision-related injuries that might be missed by a hospital, and you can receive the insurance coverage that you are entitled to for medical expenses. There are different treatment options to help address the range of injuries associated with car accidents, particularly injuries from seat belts.


Whiplash is a common injury that occurs during car accidents and can damage soft tissue, nerves, or the spine. Whiplash or trauma to the spine can be the result of a seat belt injury. Spinal injuries are very serious because of the likelihood of damaging the nervous system, which can lead to many other physical issues. A chiropractor can work to restore spinal alignment, alleviating pain and returning your overall health.


Treating the pain of an auto-accident injury can be as stressful as the accident itself. Acupuncture offers an alternative to traditional pain relievers and helps to alleviate stress on the patient. This practice can be used alongside chiropractic care to better treat your injuries and restore your body’s energy.

Deep Tissue Trigger Point Therapy

Getting a deep tissue trigger point therapy, and myofascial release techniques are a great way to treat a seat belt injury. There are various techniques to target an area of injury, enhancing the work of a chiropractor improving your results. This is a great way to treat tissue and joint pain that can become worse if left unaddressed.

It is beneficial to seek treatment for seat belt injuries within two weeks after the accident, so that you can receive the support and care you deserve. Going to a specialist is the best way to determine if you’ve been injured and begin any of these treatment methods.

If you’ve recently been in a car accident and think that you sustained a seat belt injury, or any other injury related to a car accident, contact Parkside Health & Wellness Center today to schedule an appointment and see if they can help you.