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Natural Remedies for Asthma in Children

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that inflames and narrows the airways, making it difficult and sometimes impossible to breathe. In recent years, the incidences of childhood asthma have risen, and drugs are often prescribed to help manage the disease. While there is no cure, there are natural remedies for asthma in children that can be used to decrease the frequency and severity of attacks.

Risks of using drugs for asthma treatment

asdthmaConventional treatments, like asthma inhalers, are necessaryfor acute attacks–when immediate relief can be the difference between life or death. But using drugs between attacks for long-term control can lead to addiction and toxicity, especially medications containing steroids. Between attacks, asthma sufferers should focus on taking preventative measures to stop attacks from occurring, and to ease reliance on medication.

How to improve asthma symptoms naturally:

These methods can be used to prevent attacks and reduce the frequency of asthma flare ups.

  • Chiropractic care - While it’s not a treatment for asthma, patients do report improvements in the frequency and severity of asthma attacks after undergoing chiropractic care. Your nervous system is responsible for controlling your lungs and diaphragm–the two muscle responsible for each breath you take. The nerves that control them lead from your brain to your spinal cord and exit through the mid-cervical region of your neck. If there are misalignments or spinal issues in this area, it can irritate the nerves and cause the nerve supply to the diaphragm to be affected. This can result in breathing issues–like those associated with asthma. By undergoing spinal manipulation therapies, these spinal problems can be corrected and proper nerve supply to the muscles that control breathing can be restored. Once these spinal issues are corrected, breathing improvements often follow.
  • Relaxation Techniques - For many asthma sufferers, stress can trigger asthmatic symptoms and attacks. If stress is triggering your child’s asthmatic symptoms, relaxation techniques can help reduce and manage stress as a way to prevent attacks. Some relaxation techniques include yoga, acupuncture, massage, and breathing techniques.
  • Avoid Respiratory Irritants - Smoke, allergens, dust, molds, and volatile chemicals are all common triggers for asthma symptoms to flare up. Remove sources of offending materials from your home, install a good air filtration system, or consider moving if the air is generally bad where you live.

If you’re looking for a natural treatment for your child’s asthma, remember that inhalers should still be kept on hand for severe attacks, and you should consult with your doctor before stopping the use of any medication. To find out if chiropractic care could improve your child’s asthma symptoms or reduce reliance on drugs, contact Parkside Health and Wellness Center today.

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