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Meet the Parkside Health & Wellness Center Team

Kelli C. &  Jenifer J.  – Office Coordinators

They run the office at Parkside Health & Wellness Center in the heart of Parkland, and keep everything running smooth.  They can help you with any questions you may have regarding insurance, appointments, schedules, and any other important information you may want an answer to.

Jen & Kelli strive to make every office encounter, a wonderful experience.

Not only do they work here, but they are patients too benefiting from our chiropractic care too!

Kelli at Parkside Health & Wellness Center


Jen at Parkside Health & Wellness Center


Krystal M. at Parkside Health & Wellness Center


Krystal M. – Billing and Financial Coordinator

Krystal is wonderful at working with insurance companies to make sure your claims are properly paid, and acts as a patient advocate for your insurance coverage.

Danny at Parkside Health & Wellness Center


Danny S. – Registered Chiropractic Assistant / Certified X-Ray Tech

Danny is Dr. Joseph Bogart’s right hand man, in charge of making sure every visit at Parkside Health & Wellness Center in Parkland Florida is a great one.  He loves chiropractic and has watched it help thousands of patients, including himself. Here is there to make sure patients get what Dr. Bogart recommends, from orthopedic supplies, vitamins, and home therapy units, as well as therapy and exercise recommendations. He also takes our X-Rays to help determine exactly what type of care our patients need.

Danny is a fun loving guy, who can always find something in common with all of our Parkalnd patients especially our youngsters.   He has been with us for several years and knows what it takes to be a part of an award winning team.


Massage Therapists

We have several licensed massage therapists who are trained to deliver the best in therapeutic massage, myofascial release, trigger point technique, as well as sports and neuromuscular massage to you.  Like artists they all have their own style and delivery of massage therapy. We recommend trying them all to see which best serves your needs. Click here to learn more.

Parkside Health & Wellness Center Massage Therapist Simon


Massage Therapist, Christina at Parkside Health & Wellness Center


Massage Therapist, Laural J. at Parkside Health & Wellness Center


Massage Therapist, Stacey at Parkside Health & Wellness Center


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