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Laser Therapy: Healing Help for Auto Accident Injuries

man in car after wreckWhether you had the misfortune of experiencing a low speed fender bender or a higher speed highway collision, your body has experienced trauma. Many times after an auto accident, there’s an injury to the soft tissues (tendons, ligaments, and discs) that support, allow for motion, and give integrity to the spine.

Many people ignore their aches and pains, hoping they will just go away. Sometimes they do, and sometimes they get worse. The sooner we can examine you to see what is necessary, the earlier we can begin treatment to help you return to a normal life without pain, and reduce the risk of ongoing or future problems.

What to Expect

Typically, we will provide an assessment to determine what happened and what got injured. If your chiropractor determines that chiropractic is needed, we would do adjustments that realign and improve the integrity of the spine and free up nerve irritation as well as any additional therapies that can speed up the healing process.

Boost Your Healing

In addition to providing chiropractic care to address auto accident injuries, we also offer Class IV laser therapy at Parkside Health & Wellness Center. The primary benefit of this therapy is that it accelerates the healing of the damaged tissues faster than it would on its own. It’s effective at helping people with injuries to the ligaments, discs, muscles and nerves.

What makes the Class IV laser different from other classes is it is able to penetrate up to 4 cm and is 24 times more powerful than a cold laser. Because of its ability to penetrate deeply into the body, most muscles, ligaments, joints, tendons, and nerves can be treated effectively. And with this therapy, there are no side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does laser therapy affect normal cells?

No, it only affects damaged tissue and damaged cells, and has little effect on normal functioning tissue and cells.

How many sessions will I need?

Your chiropractor will let you know how many sessions will be needed to address your particular auto accident injury.

Is the therapy suitable for all ages?

All age groups can benefit from class 4 laser. Some benefit more than others on an individual basis. We’ve worked on kids, seniors, and everyone in between.

Book an Appointment

If you’ve been involved in an auto accident, contact us today. We want to help you recover from your injuries.


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