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Koren Specific Technique

Dr. Joe using Korean Specific Technique

We begin with a head to toe analysis in our Parkland chiropractic office. By checking everything from cranial bones, to spinal vertebrae, as well as extremities, even emotional or defensive patterns from old or new traumas or events, we are able to determine what needs to be fixed as well as the order your body prefers having it performed in.

Like opening a safe, we use the correct numbers in the correct order to obtain exceptional effect on the body. We let your body tell us where the stress is coming from… Chemical? Physical? or emotional? All three can influence how your body works and feels.

We “Listen” to Your Body

New patients, or patients from other offices are surprised at how accurate we can be in determining and fixing problems at their core. We also fix them in the position they are a problem. For instance, some people have lower back pain when the bend or sit. We adjust them bending or sitting, to fix them where they hurt, not just laying on a table.

Realignment Protocol

To make our deep, and powerful corrections, we use an FDA approved instrument called the ArthroStim.

This device delivers a fast, gentle, crackless, and accurate adjustment. It adjusts by tapping at a frequency of 12 times every second. This is a perfect frequency to align joints and decrease pain without stimulating pain receptors. This precise tapping avoids having to twist or “crack” the joints. Patients who are afraid of hearing or feeling that common sound, or don’t like the way it feels, love KST technique.

Accelerated Healing

Dr. Bogart Korean Specific Adjusting

The other advantage is we’re able to adjust you while you assume positions that tend to make your problem worse, such as standing and sitting or even chewing (TMJ) or typing. Golfers love it as well as amateur and professional athletes alike. We can adjust people during movements often causing or related to injuries they sustained. This allows for a speedy correction as well as a way to retrain the joints so the risk of future injuries can be reduced.

This versatility allows your body to more quickly process the energy of the adjustment and begin making corrections.

Many people report a feeling of ease, relaxation, or like everything is flowing again as nerve stress is released. Those with chronic, long-standing injuries find that healing often occurs in stages, as if the layers of an onion are being removed. Repeated visits are usually necessary to strengthen and retrain the spine. Sometimes the effect takes a night or two of good sleep to process the correction and allow for deep healing, so waking up the next day is often felt with improvement.


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