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How to Stop Headaches Without Medication

Anyone who gets frequent headaches knows what a pain, quite literally, they can be. Headaches can make it difficult to enjoy and experience life, concentrate on important tasks, and more. Worse, getting rid of headaches isn’t always easy. Unless you can pinpoint and avoid your specific headache triggers, you may be left reaching for your medicine cabinet for relief more often than you’d like when those headache symptoms bog you down.

But medications only treat the symptoms, and constantly relying on them for frequent headache relief can lead to unhealthy side effects. Sometimes, the medication may even stop working as effectively, as the body’s tolerance for the drug rises. To find headache natural relief, you need to stop your headaches at the source.

What causes headaches?

shutterstock_148135967Headaches can be caused by multiple emotional, chemical and physical factors. Once you can pinpoint the factors causing your frequent headaches, you’ll be better able to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

The foods we eat, the daily toll that stress takes on our body and mind, the abuse of chemical substances, and numerous other factors can contribute to headaches.

Many headache sufferers are surprised to learn that their headaches derive from the spinal bones in their neck providing improper support for their head. This is a common cause of headaches that can affect the nerves, muscles, and even the blood supply to your head.

Often times the cranial bones can have improper tension, or the TMJ can be problematic, and this can cause headaches. Grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw can also cause headaches, not to mention TMJ problems like clicking, popping, and pain.

Other times, the brain’s response to stress can cause our muscles to contract, leading to the tension that causes headaches.

When it comes down to it, there are numerous possible causes. But if you want to identify the underlying cause of your frequent headaches, you need to explore all of the possible causes.

Alleviate frequent headaches without medication

Once you and your chiropractor have identified the cause of your headaches, you’ll be able to determine the most appropriate course of treatment for eliminating these causes.

Chiropractic treatment can fix subluxations / misalignments and restore proper support to the spine, neck and head. After addressing this physical cause, headache sufferers often report an immediate or gradual decrease in the frequency and severity of their headaches.

Massage therapy / trigger point therapy can reduce spasm, tight muscles and pain that can affect the spinal bones and support the spine, neck and head.

But for some headache sufferers, even eliminating the physical and emotional causes of their headaches is not enough. This can be the case in tension type headaches, which are usually described as a dull and persistent pain, accompanied by tenderness or soreness on the face, neck, or head, where the muscles attach to the bone.

Tension headaches can be caused by physical, chemical and emotional stress. This stress puts tension on the nervous system, causing the brainwaves to become imbalanced. In tension headache sufferers, this produces a state of arousal in which the sufferer cannot produce the appropriate brain waves to relax the mind and body. This heightened and constant state of arousal builds and holds tension, sometimes even after the physical and emotional stresses themselves have been eliminated.

In order to break this pattern, the cause, whether it be a spinal subluxation, nutrition deficiency, or emotional trauma, must be identified and addressed. Once it is, the brainwave imbalance can be addressed separately. Doing this will take the brain out of it’s state of arousal and break the pattern of responding to stress with imbalance.

BrainCore Therapy is an all-natural, medication-free solution that teaches the patient how to produce the appropriate brainwave so that the brain can relax. When the brain relaxes, the muscles don’t tense up and the patient experiences relief from their headache.

In order to determine the causes of your headache and find the appropriate treatment, you’ll need to share your symptoms with an experienced chiropractor. A chiropractic examination will identify the underlying causes for your headaches so that you can eliminate them, rather than cover up their symptoms with medication.

Uncover the cause of your headache and find out if chiropractic treatment or BrainCore Therapy are right for you by scheduling a free consultation with the doctors at Parkside Health and Wellness. Together, we can get to the root cause of your headaches and find a natural solution.