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How to Get Rid of Insomnia Naturally

Chances are, if you have insomnia you’ve tried everything in search of relief and a full night’s sleep. But what happens when you exhaust all of your options? If you’re searching for how to get rid of insomnia naturally, there is hope in sight–a proven and painless, drug-free treatment that can alleviate your symptoms and help you get the shut-eye you desperately need.

What is insomnia?

Many people who don’t understand the condition think lightly of it–assuming that sufferers just need to make a simple adjustment, or worse, that they should be grateful for having so many more hours in the day.

But those living with insomnia know all too well that the condition is much more physically and mentally demanding than anyone can understand. Many have tried multiple treatments and lifestyle changes in an effort to combat the condition, but to no avail.

tired man rubbing his eyesInsomnia, a sleep disorder classified by insufficient sleep either in quality, quantity or both. Despite being physically and mentally exhausted, most insomniacs are unable to “shut off,” even when all they want is sleep.

The condition can even contribute to obesity, anxiety, depression, irritability, concentration problems, memory problems, poor immune system function, and reduced reaction time. For a condition met with so much misunderstanding and skepticism, its sufferers often take a significant blow to their quality of life.

What causes insomnia?

Insomnia can be caused by a variety of factors including medications, medical conditions, psychological issues, hormones, technology in the bedroom (watching t.v. before bed), disruptions in circadian rhythm (jet lag, noisiness), caffeine, alcohol, and more. Other causes can include pregnancy, overactive mind, and sleeping next to a snoring partner. But most sleep deprivation is caused by brainwave imbalance.

When it’s time for us to wind down and sleep our brain’s natural response is to produce Theta waves–the waves that promote sleep. However, those with insomnia often produce the incorrect brainwave when they try to settle down for bed. Instead of producing the sleep inducing Theta waves, they might produce Beta waves, which are more appropriate for active thought. These dysregulated brainwave patterns can makes it difficult for people to fall asleep and/or stay asleep due to the inability of the brain to slow down.

Natural treatment for insomnia

When sleep issues arise, most doctors are quick to prescribe sleeping pills. This “treatment,” however, can make the problem even worse. After a length of time depending on sleeping pills to get a full night’s rest, your body can build up a tolerance to it. Some patients even become addicted to these sleep aids. But even if they don’t, weening yourself off of sleeping pills is a sure way to make it impossible to fall asleep.

Sleep deprivation is another practice that’s sometimes applied. The idea is to keep them awake and resisting sleep for a length of time so they’ll sleep for one, extended burst instead. This solution can be unrealistic and can leave patients feeling even more tired.

Instead, there is a natural way to improve your sleep quality and get more shut eye. It tackles one of the major causes of sleep deprivation: brainwave imbalance. This naturally therapy, called BrainCore, regulates the patient’s brainwaves so that the appropriate waves for sleep are produced.

How does this natural therapy work?

This non-invasive, drug free approach (also called neurofeedback training) works by teaching the patient how to slow down their brainwave patterns, making it easier for the patient to fall and stay asleep.

Sessions are completely painless and non-invasive. All the patient has to do is watch a movie or play a video game. As they do so, a computer monitors their brainwave patterns, giving the patient real-time feedback to alert them as to whether or not they’re applying the appropriate brainwave. Overtime, this training helps the patient apply the appropriate brainwaves for all situations, including sleep.

After just 10 to 20 sessions, huge improvements in sleep and even permanent alleviation of insomnia symptoms can be achieved. In addition to making lifestyle modifications, like exercise, stress reduction, and diet, patients can see a huge change in the quality and quantity of sleep.

If you’re struggling with insomnia and want to find a natural, drug-free solution, contact Parkside Health & Wellness Center today. We can schedule you for a completely free BrainCore consultation to go over your symptoms and determine if BrainCore therapy would be right for you.