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How to Get More Energy Without Supplements

sleepy-1Nothing is worse than waking up and going about your day, in a groggy haze you just can’t seem to get out of. Fatigue can prevent us from getting important tasks done, doing the things we love, and enjoying time spent with our loved ones. For many, this means drinking cup after cup of coffee, soda, and energy drinks just to make it through the day.

If you find yourself having to take supplements to stay awake and alert, even when you’ve had a full night’s rest, it may be time to look into how to get more energy in a more natural way.

The problem with supplements:

Constantly relying on caffeine, sugar and other supplements for energy can take a toll on our bodies. Just having more than 1 cup of coffee per day can lead to restlessness, irritability, nervousness, fast heartbeat, and insomnia–which only contributes to the cycle of feeling fatigued.

Most coffee and energy drinks also contain high amounts of sugar and other chemicals which can put additional stress on the body. Taken in excess, these substances can produce symptoms such as heart palpitations, anxiety and more.

On top of these side effects, these supplements only serve as temporary fixes for fatigue. And once they wear off, we’re often more tired than we were to start with. So what’s the solution?

All-natural solution for fatigue

When getting enough sleep and rest aren’t enough, there may be some other underlying reason for your chronic fatigue.

In some people experiencing symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, and dysregulated brain waves are to blame. In order for the brain to function properly, it needs to communicate with other areas of the brain. This communication is done through electrical signals called “brain waves”. For any given circumstance, there is a normal pattern of brain wave activity–such as Beta when you’re awake/active and Alpha when you close your eyes to relax.

When these signals get confused, and are not applied in the appropriate circumstances, at the appropriate times and in the appropriate frequencies, it can produce a whole slew of problems, from migraines, to ADHD, to chronic fatigue.

By regulating these brain waves using BrainCore therapy, the brain can learn to work optimally in order to alleviate or even eliminate these symptoms.

How does this painless, drugless therapy work?

BrainCore is basically training for your brain, and the therapy sessions are easy, painless, and non-invasive. Electrodes are placed on the scalp to monitor your brain wave patterns as you either play a video game or watch a movie. The monitoring device will then alert you when your brain is producing a brain wave at an inappropriate time/circumstance/frequency, simply by shutting off / or dimming the game or video. The game or video will come back on when the appropriate pattern is applied. Basically, you control it with your brain!

By making you aware of the instances when your brain applies the inappropriate pattern, the patterns begin to normalize and your brain will learn to correct itself automatically. This correction results in the alleviation of many symptoms associated with brain wave dysregulation, including chronic fatigue. Many patients notice a difference after only 10-20 training sessions! At any age, the brain is still plastic, meaning it can be affected in a positive way, and the effects are permanent.

If you’re ready to put away the coffee and energy drinks to find out how BrainCore therapy can help you stay more awake and alert, contact us at Parkside Health and Wellness Center today for a free BrainCore consultation.