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How to Get a Good Night's Sleep - part 1

If you are like many people, you often wake up tired, and drag yourself through the day, only to pump coffee or caffeine into your system to get up and go. I want to share with you many tips and hacks you can use to improve your sleep, energy levels, and improve your overall health and well being. Proper sleep can improve your immune function, hormone regulation, as well as repair and growth of your body. (depending on your age – Kids grow when they are sleeping)

man sleepingBelow are some bonus tips (some are not in the video series…)

Bonus Tip One:

Did you know that the most recuperative hours of sleep are between the hours of 10pm-2am? If you miss any of them, you won’t feel as well the next day, even if you sleep late! Some people believe that if you can sleep in, you will make up for the lost sleep… wrong! Try yo get as many of the 10pm-2am window as you can.

Bonus Tip Two:

Did you know that the noises or light in your bedroom can affect your ability to fall or stay asleep? They can! Cover or block the noises, and black out your windows, and remove all light sources.

Bonus Tip Three:

Is your mattress right for you? Many people “think” they have or need a firm or soft mattress, when in fact most people sleep best on a soft top, with a firm base. How old is your mattress? The average lifespan of a mattress is about 10 years. Some suggest even less. If you are looking for a new mattress, contact us as we have the ability to get you a new one at a great price.

Bonus Tip Four:

Are your pillows the right size for your body, or proper for the position you sleep in? If you sleep on your back, your pillow should be thin, but if on your side, it should be thicker to support the space between your shoulder and neck/head. If you must be a stomach sleeper, have a full sized / king pillow and position it so you are on a diagonal. (least recommended position)

Bonus Tip Five:

Some experts suggest sleeping on your right side, as it causes faster times to sleep, and better rest.

Bonus Tip Six:

Does your alarm clock light shine on you when in bed? This can affect deep sleep, especially if it is blue in color. Do you plug your phone in to charge right next to your bed? The light if you get a call or text, or the vibrations can disturb your sleep, not to mention the harmful EMF’s produced from electronic devices. Some suggest that EMF’s (electro magnetic frequencies) can disturb our natural energies, and brain waves altering our states, and ability to sleep.

Thank you for helping us, help others.  If you are having sleep issues, or pains from sleeping, please call to schedule an appointment with us, (954) 340-7545. You will be glad you did!

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