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How to Find Sinus Relief Without Medication

A sinus infection can be one of the biggest nuisances to overcome, especially when the last thing you need to add to your already-full plate is a trip to the doctor. Luckily, finding sinus relief without using prescribed medication is actually pretty simple. Try one of the following if you’re experiencing any facial pressure, nasal congestion, or headaches due to a sinus issue:

Steam Your Nose

Congestion in your nose can be due to living in a dry environment. Warm steam helps to keep nasal passages moist which promotes drainage. Some at home remedies that aid in moistening these passages include using a humidifier or taking a hot shower. If you’re suffering from a potential sinus infection on-the-go, you can inhale steam over a hot cup of tea, coffee, or soup.

Flush Out Irritants

Running saline solution through your nose is a great way to give you some sinus relief by stimulating drainage of irritants and removing excess mucus. Saline spray inserted in the nose loosens unnecessary particles to clear them away. A Neti-Pot, an ancient Ayurvedic remedy, is a similar, more advanced approach. More commonly used at home, it’s a procedure where you pour salt water in one nostril and allow it to drain out the other. Both of these techniques keep natural mucus lining damp and free of dirty particles for a healthy, clear nose.

Apply a Moist Towelette

find-sinus-relief-without-medicationWrapping a hot, damp towel around your eyes and forehead can relievefind-sinus-relief-without-medication sinus pressure in those areas. The steam from the cloth may also help to drain nasal passages. You can also try alternating between a warm and cold cloth to alleviate any pain.


Although how it works is unclear, many reports show that inhaling natural herbs such as peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary allows for easier breathing. No evidence exists that this method actually drains your sinuses and opens your nasal canals, but the inhalation gives temporary congestion relief and simply feels as if your nasal passages are clear.

Use an Air Purifier

Setting up an air purifier in your home can benefit you and your family by aiding in the prevention of a sinus infection. These machines act as an extra filter for dust, smoke, and other inflammation-provoking particles entering your nose. When suffering from any symptoms, this system will decrease the chances that they become more serious.

Drink Water and Other Fluids

As always, it’s important to drink lots of water and healthy fluids to help you overcome your symptoms. Drinking fluids increases blood flow and can reduce sinus pressure. It may also thin mucus in nasal passages to allow for better drainage.


Cranial adjusting, as well as areas of the neck, can help the head and sinuses drain as well as boost the immune system.


Another ancient procedure originating in Asia, acupuncture therapy detects where your sinus problems are originating. Consequently, the underlying causes can be treated by stimulating the proper acupoints. To help correct your sinus issues, Dr. Agoado offers this approach at our Parkland office.

Of course, if none of these drugless remedies work to give you sinus relief, seek a physician’s help. If you’re suffering from any sinus infection symptoms contact our office today so we can provide you with the right care.