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How to Alleviate ADHD Symptoms with Neurofeedback Training

kidAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a widespread, neurological disorder that affects 5 million children in the United States alone. That statistic translates to at least one child per classroom.

Parents of children affected by this condition often struggle to find an appropriate solution. While medication is the conventionally prescribed treatment, the side effects of these drugs can often cause a list of symptoms longer than the condition itself. Worst of all, they don’t treat the condition, they only mask the symptoms. Luckily, medication is not the only option. There is a natural, drug free alternative that can permanently alleviate your child’s ADHD symptoms, and it’s called neurofeedback training.

What causes ADHD symptoms?

Those living with ADHD frequently display a variety of symptoms related to attentiveness and hyperactivity. These symptoms can include: fidgeting, difficulty remaining seated, distractibility, impatience, interrupting, difficulty listening to and following instructions, difficulty paying attention, quickly switching from one uncompleted task to the next, excessive talking, impulsiveness, forgetfulness, and more.

Researchers still aren’t entirely sure what causes ADHD, but they have noticed a trend–patients with ADHD produce slower brain waves or dis-regulated brain waves than the rest of the population.

Our brains function by sending off electrical signals known as “brain waves,” and we have different brain waves for any given situation. For example, our brains produce Beta waves when we’re awake and alert, and Theta waves when we start to fall asleep. But when our brains respond to a circumstance with the wrong wave pattern, we start to run into a whole slew of problems, such as trouble focusing and the other symptoms associated with ADHD.

When ADHD sufferers should be producing Beta waves, they’re actually producing Theta waves. This means that in circumstances when they’re trying to be alert and focused, they’re often struggling to avoid falling asleep. This can result in difficulty paying attention, and hyperactivity as they do everything in their effort to fight off sleep.

How brain training permanently alleviates ADHD symptoms

Neurofeedback training is an all-natural and drug free way to alleviate the symptoms of ADHD. It teaches ADHD sufferers to recognize when their brains are using the wrong wave pattern for any given circumstance. They also learn how to create new, more appropriate wave patterns on their own.

How does neurofeedback training work?

During a treatment session, non-invasive electrodes are placed on the scalp in order to monitor the patient’s brainwaves. While the patient is being monitored, they’ll be asked to play a video game or watch a movie. If the patient is applying the appropriate brainwave, the movie or video game will continue. But if the patient uses the wrong brainwave, the game or video will shut off.

This training makes patients aware of inappropriate patterns so that they can apply the appropriate ones. After just 10 to 20 training sessions, many patients find that their brains are functioning more effectively and they experience permanent relief from their ADHD symptoms.

Do you want to learn more about this effective, drugless treatment for ADHD? Contact us today to book your consultation and find out if BrainCore neurofeedback training is right for you.

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