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Frequently Asked Questions About Sports Injuries

woman rock climbing on an orange wallAt Parkside Health & Wellness Center, we’re proud to work with athletes of all skill levels. Whether you’re a serious athlete or weekend warrior, we’re confident that we can help you heal and get back to doing what you love on and off the field or court.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we hear often:

What types of problems do athletes seek chiropractic care for?

It’s no secret that sports at any level brings wear and tear to the body. This can lead to additional stress and strain on ligaments, tendons, and joints, in addition to improper healing. Ultimately, this can manifest as pain. We help athletes recover from injuries, overcome pain, and strengthen weakened areas through focused care plans.

Should athletes seek care even if they aren’t in pain?

Yes! Problems can lie dormant in the body and flare up at a moment’s notice. Seeking regular chiropractic care helps to ensure your body is functioning optimally.

Do professional athletes use chiropractic care?

Absolutely. In fact, nearly every professional sports team has a team chiropractor because they know how much it helps their bodies continue to push boundaries and thrive on or off the court/field.

Have More Questions?

Have questions not answered here? Contact us today – we’re happy to speak with you and look forward to helping you heal.


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