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Discover Cutting-Edge Care With Laser Decompression

woman with back pain in home officeSeeking a nonsurgical and safe solution for your lower back or neck pain, sciatica, numbness, weakness, or tingling into the arms or legs? Consider laser disc decompression at Parkside Health & Wellness Center. This revolutionary treatment combines the power of Class IV laser with spinal disc decompression, providing a unique and remarkably effective solution for patients suffering from disc-related issues.

Combining Two Powerful Therapies

The primary purpose of laser decompression is twofold: mechanical stimulation of the discs using a spinal decompression system that stimulates the pump mechanism of the discs and surrounding tissues for healing. By combining the energy of the laser with the decompression technique, we create a treatment that is exponentially better than either method alone. Laser disc decompression brings together two great approaches to provide optimal results.

Benefits for Disc Conditions

Laser decompression offers numerous benefits for individuals facing herniated, bulging, or degenerated discs, as well as desiccated (dehydrated) discs. When these conditions occur, there is often a dysfunction in the disc’s ability to receive necessary nutrients and remove waste products.

The computer-controlled pumping mechanism employed during the treatment helps restore the disc’s ability to pump fluid, facilitating proper hydration and nourishment. Additionally, this process aids in eliminating inflammatory enzymes, allowing damaged tissue to heal more quickly.

The Procedure

During the laser decompression procedure, patients are positioned on an adjustable decompression table in such a way to make them most comfortable and increase effectiveness of the technique. Whether it is the neck or the lower back being treated, the table is designed to ensure maximum comfort for the patient. As the treatment begins, the table gently stretches and decompresses the targeted area.

The procedure is exceptionally gentle and comfortable, with some patients even falling asleep during the session. It’s also completely painless and often provides a pleasant sensation in most cases.

For lower back treatments, a Class IV laser is applied during decompression, while for cervical spine treatments, the laser is used immediately afterward.

Recovery Recommendations

To optimize the healing process, patients are advised to limit certain motions and positions that may compress the discs. Activities such as bending, flexing, sitting for extended periods, and intense workouts should be avoided during the recovery period. Once the recovery is complete, patients can gradually resume these activities.

For more information about this cutting-edge therapy or to make an appointment, give our practice a call today!

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