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Cars and Bodies - The Maintenance guild

iStock_000003748780XSmallIt is sad to me that people often take better care of their cars and their homes than they do their own bodies. I believe they do this because they fear of having a large car repair bill, or may have to replace an expensive appliance. Unfortunately people fail to maintain their bodies as they ignore small warning signs (headaches, aches, pains, cramps, soreness, tiredness, lack of energy, lack of sex drive) , or wait until there is a major problem.

Imagine owning a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Bentley.  These high end, performance machines require a great deal of care to run and look at top performance. Would you neglect one of these $250,000 cars until a light came on the dash? I would hope not.

Maintaining an  expensive, one of a kind, car is how you should care for your body. If you leave it outside without protection it rusts and deteriorates and quickly falls apart.

Here are the directions to taking care of your Car & Body. They were both designed by a pro. There is no warranty, (insurance) and the expenses are all yours.  One missing section will create an expensive repair.

1. CAR: Lube and Oil all moving parts regularly

BODY: Chiropractic

2. CAR: Check the engine (Heart or a car)

BODY: Have a physical, EKG, heart, Stress test

3. CAR: Check the hoses often for hardening or leaks

BODY: Check Blood Vessels, look for bruises, blood in urine, feces, maintain good nutrition to support the hoses (blood vessels) of your body

4.  CAR: Wash, wax, pollish the exterior body to get rid of dirt, tar, and muck, prevent rust

BODY: Massage, exfoliate, hydrate, and clean regularly to get rid of wastes, dead skin, and improve circulation, and lymphatics.

5.  CAR: Flush the cooling systems  Waiting too long to clean out may result in premature rusting. Maintain fluids (oil, brake, tranmission, coolant)

BODY: Drink lots of clean water, amino acids, omega fatty acids, and vitamins. 1-2 times per year – herbal or juice cleansing detoxification

6. CAR: Only put it High Octane, high Quality fuel / gas, if not expect knocking, and low output, while gumming up the engine.

BODY: Put only high quality foods, or suffer with low energy, sluggishness, and gumming up the arteries and blood vessels (high cholesterol, plaque, and diseases)

7. CAR: Drive!!! A wonderful car that sits in the garage, will deteriorate as will a car left out in the weather. Drive it well for at least an hour per day. If you do all the above and miss this step, all the bearings, hinges and tires will rapidly fall apart.  The drive lubricates the chassis, maintains the oil viscosity, keeps the tires full and pliable.  Leave it in the garage for year and your investment will depreciate.

BODY: Exercise for at least 1 hour per day. Try to make some of it uncomfortable by pushing your self harder than you thought (faster, heavier), that is how you grow, and get stronger / better.

8. CAR: Open the windows, and air it out, or put the top down.

BODY: Keep an open mind! Pray, meditate, and clear out your head!

9. General rules and guidelines…If you need a tow, call a professional (ambulance).  If you want to avoid the wrecker, see your mechanics regularly (MD, DDS,DPM, DC etc).  For optimum performance see your chiropractor regularly for spinal and extremity adjustments (wheel and chasis alignment with lube) which will give you better wear and tear on your spine, joints, and discs.  I highly recommend that you get washed and waxed / lubed in a massage or physical therapy, and buffed /polished with skin care and lotions / exfoliation .  In new and older cars /bodies it is very important to add some quality fuel additives (vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids) . Choose the safest ones with the least pollution first  (vitamins, enzymes, herbs).  If they don’t work try stronger additives (over the counter medications, or stronger prescription drugs), but try to avoid except as the last resort.

An ounce of prevention is worth of pound of cure for both cars and bodies.

I came up with the quote below, and it is very fitting for this post:

“Your body is the only vehicle you will have for the journey of life. Take care of it and enjoy the ride.”

If you live in south Florida, and have health questions, we are in Parkland, FL 33067. We are happy to help you or someone you care about. Call us at (954) 340-7545.

Best Wishes,

Dr. Joseph Bogart

Chiropractic Physician


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  1. John D'Amato says
    Jan 31, 2011 at 10:44 AM

    Great stuff here! I am certainly guilty of "not reading" my manual. I have owned alot of cars, most exotic and I always read what to do and how often to do it. If I would just take care of "my machine" as well as the cars I would be running much better. Thanks for all you do and please keep up the GREAT work. You are the best... I miss you and all the gang there.

    • Dr. Joseph Bogart says
      Jan 31, 2011 at 3:00 PM

      We miss you too! Yes you are an amazing machine.

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