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Acupuncture for Sciatica: Does it Really Work?

Your body is an interconnected channel of energy pathways. If a passage is blocked it could mean a great deal of disruption in the body. Disruption can take many forms, most often it starts off as numbness that develops into acute pain. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body so, when it becomes disrupted, this can mean major problems. Commonly a compression or inflammation of the nerve, or even muscle spasms can cause Sciatica. If you’re experiencing tingling, numbness, weakness, or pain in the leg or lower-back, you should consider acupuncture for Sciatica relief.

man with lower back painThese symptoms can occur for a number of reasons, mainly the introduction of pressure on the sciatic nerve. Muscle spasms or a shifting of the spinal or spinal discs pushes on the nerve, ultimately causing pain. It is important that you consult a physician about your symptoms because these can also be a sign of serious injury. Once you’ve clarified that Sciatica is the cause of your pain, you can begin begin treating the pain. There are surgical treatments and pain-relievers that you can take. However, you can treat Sciatica and reduce the pain with acupuncture, a centuries-old healing procedure.

Acupuncture is a great way to relieve the pain by adjusting the body’s energy flow. The process is very simple and safe. The ultra-fine needles are inserted in key areas to relax the body and prevent muscle spasms. The placement of the needles is key and is said to stimulateelectromagnetic points in the body, causing the release of endorphins. Endorphins are our body’s natural painkiller. They cause the feeling of the tense and spastic muscles to gradually fade.

Depending on what is acting on the nerve to cause the sensation, you may feel what is described as tingling in the lower back or leg. The tingling sensation, if untreated, will become more acute and painful. The treatment of Sciatica is simpler the sooner it is discovered. Acupuncture alone will be much more effective earlier on. When paired with chiropractic adjustments or massage therapy the effects of the acupuncture are amplified. In cases of severe pain, muscle manipulation is essential to decrease tension, reduce spasms and pain.

Acupuncture has been recognized for its effectiveness in relieving pain. It is a great natural alternative to pain relievers and can renew your flow of energy. If you’re interesting in treating your Sciatica naturally, contact Parkside Health & Wellness Center to schedule an appointment today.