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    "Dr. Bogart’s attention to detail and ability to put you at ease are what make the experience enjoyable."
    -Annette S.
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    I am a firm believer that by correcting any misalignments I had, the delivery process was made much more comfortable for myself and my baby!
    -Kat C.
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    "Whenever I have concerns with his health, I bring Braden in to Parkside Health and Wellness Center before I even call pediatrician."
    -Trisha and Braden C.
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    “Dr. Bogart’s consistent care was able to prevent surgery that her pediatric specialists all agreed was the answer. It was a natural decision to get the whole family under chiropractic care.”
    -Martinez Family


Parkside Health & Wellness Services

What Makes Parkside Health & Wellness Different?

Our goal is to help patients achieve their health goals and get out of pain fast, using natural methods.
We’re a team of chiropractors, massage therapists and acupuncturists who take a unique, holistic approach to achieving patient health. Many patients come to us with aches and pains, car accident injuries, attention disorders, migraines, chronic pain and more. Rather than just treating their symptoms, we use natural and gentle methods to treat the whole patient.

Our brain training therapy has helped patients alleviate symptoms of ADHD, chronic fatigue, migraine and more. Patients also love our massage therapy, gentle, crackless chiropractic approach, and wellness-focused acupuncture techniques. From infants and children, to pregnant moms, athletes and the elderly, these natural treatments can help patients achieve optimal health.